The Phoenix Duo – Sunday, 29th October, 3pm

The Phoenix Duo

This brilliant young duo, named after cellist Josiah Duhlstine’s home city in Arizona, have played to rapturous applause and critical acclaim at major venues across Scotland. Pianist Catriona Mackenzie, from the Highlands, seems destined to become one of our country’s brightest musical stars.  Catch them while you still can.

Beethoven: Cello Sonata No.3, op.69

Schumann: Fantasiestücke, op.73

Debussy: Cello Sonata

MacMillan: Cello sonata No.1

Duhlstine, arr.: Jimmy Mo Mhíle Stór

Concerts 2024-2025

Sun, 23rd June, 3pm – Nigel Clayton & Imma Setiadi   

Sun, 28th July, 3pm – Maria Waszyrowska & Harris Playfair

Sun, 8th Sept., 7:30pm – Alexandra Mackenzie & Ingrid Sawers

Sun, 29th Sept., 3pm – Meera Maharaj & Dominic Degavino

Sun, 20th Oct., 3pm – Dante Quartet

Sun, 24th Nov., 3pm – Martin Roscoe

Fri, 28th Feb., 7:30pm – Kyan Quartet

Sun, 23rd March, 3pm – Miriam Kramer & Nicholas Durcan

Sun, 13th April, 3pm – Da Vinci Trio

Sun, 4th May, 3pm – Hugh Mackay & Junyan Chen

Sun, 24th June, 3pm – Angeliki Giannopoulou

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